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4 Jul 2017

How To Prepare Shrimp - Seafood Special


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Posted By Geoffrey H.

Shrimps , the white or pinkish fleshy seafood is a favorite with most people. Seafood that is tasty and simple to cook is one trait about shrimps probably that make it a popular choice. How to prepare shrimps can be an easy or tough job depending on whether you know how to do it or not. If you know how to prepare shrimps there couldn't be an easier task in the world(although a bit time consuming). However, on the other hand, if you have to cook shrimps and don't have any idea of how to go about it, it could be the worst nightmare for you.

Here's help for the novice cook who would love to cook a dish of shrimps.

1-The first step in the how to prepare shrimp guide would be to thaw the shrimps. Put them out in water (keeping them in cold water is advised to keep them fresh. Shrimps can be a tasty treat however, on the other hand if you do not know how to prepare shrimps and cook them right they can cause tummy trouble and play a total spoilsport.

2-Wash well and pat dry. For de-shelling the shrimps, if you know how and with a little practice you can be an expert. Taking off the shell is easy. Just peel it off and pull the entire covering of the shrimp out. The shrimps must be de-shelled before feasting on them.

3-De-veining is another important requirement that must be fulfilled before you proceed towards cooking your shrimps. Leaving the veins on can actually lead to a tummy upset leading to stomach pain or even vomiting. For de-veining all you have to do is make a small slit on the back of each shrimp with a sharp knife. You would find a long dark colored vein running along with shrimp. Get hold of the end and pull it. The entire vein would come out in one go.

Once you have the shrimp de-shelled and de-veined it is all ready to be cooked just the way you desire. Shrimps are a tasty dish (in fact, you just can't go wrong with shrimps, they are tasty whichever way you decide to cook them). Shrimps are low on fat and even the calorie count is low making them an attractive dish. However, a high cholesterol content is what you need to consider while cooking shrimps. They are generally available in a light pink, white and brown to blackish color.

The shrimps also differ in the size. From tiny ones to the real large ones. The price of course goes up or should I say sky rockets with the increase in size. However, personally I would recommend going in for the medium sized, the right balance between price and taste.

From stir fried to deep fried, steamed or baked, shrimps taste delicious using any method of cooking.


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